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A Conversation My Future Self will Thank Me For (Q+A with Alysha Newman)

Do you remember your 25th birthday? What were you thinking? Were you embracing your quarter-century milestone, or were you lamenting over the passing of time? 

No matter how old you are now, you likely look back with amazement over how quickly your perspective on ageing, priorities and self-worth changes through the years. 

OK, back to 25.

For many of us, it seems to be the moment where life just “speeds up”.  Before you know it, there’s the big three-O, then you’re hitting mid 30’s, then gearing for 40…and so on and so forth.

Such is life. 

At BuyWell, we’re all about age positivity no matter what stage you’re at. We appreciate the gratitude that comes with the gift of growing old. But, we’re also firmly planted in the real world and know that many of us tend to resist getting older. 

We want to help change that. So, we’re celebrating our favourite Olympic athlete’s 25th b-day with a mental time-travel exercise to give her future self the power of self-love, positivity and to put her goal-setting expertise to good use.  

Alysha has been setting her sights on greatness ever since she was a little girl. She’s driven and determined and has an infectious, uplifting vibe. So, we knew she’d have all sorts of gems for her future self.

Let this serve as a reminder to us all. We have the power to shape our future.

Q: You’ve already accomplished so much in your athletic career, what do you hope to have accomplished by age 30? 

A:  My primary sport-related goal over the next five years is to win a medal at the Olympics. However, there’s only so much I can do on the track and in the gym to prepare for that singular moment that comes along only once every four years. 

As a professional athlete, I’ve got lots of downtimes recovering from workouts.

I’ve come to realize that I recover best when I’m in an environment that makes me feel good.

This insight is what led me to interior decorating! Regardless of where I find myself, I’m always looking for ways to enhance my surroundings. For now, I’m focused on helping friends with decorating their condos/houses but by the time I’m 30, I want to be doing this as a part-time career (i.e. getting paid!) to bring joy and comfort into people’s lives. Everyone deserves to recharge in a place that makes them feel good. 

Q: What is your ideal career path and how do you envision that taking shape?

A:  Each and every year since I graduated from college, I’ve been jumping higher than the year before and have seen my earnings from endorsements, competition appearance fees, and prize money increase. So I’m on the right career path as a professional athlete. 

My growing profile and network of relationships have exposed me to all kinds of interesting people. I share my passion for interior design with as many people as possible because you never know where a conversation might lead. At the moment, I’m looking to find one or two decorators who will mentor me along the way. 

Q: What are the top three ways you will do regularly to manifest and achieve your goals over the next 5 years? 

1. Write down my goals and the steps to reach them is key. When something is on paper, it’s real and I can revisit the list each and every day to stay focused.

2. I continue to surround myself with like-minded people who are uplifting and positive. Life is more fun when you’re among good people who support one another. 

3. Remember to celebrate the small successes along the way. Take a moment to breathe and reflect on where you’ve been and when you’re going. 

Q: How do you want to feel about yourself over the next 5 years? 

A: I want to be healthy both mentally and physically and continue to grow as a person outside of sport. 

Q: Please talk to your future self like a friend and tell her something kind and compassionate that you feel she needs to know when she turns 35.

A:  Stop rushing through life. You are in no rush to accomplish your goals, whether it’s in 5 years or 10 years from now.  With social media being such a dominant presence in our lives, I often feel like we can’t help but compare ourselves to others. The past two years I have felt like I was falling behind my peers. I see friends buying houses, getting married and accomplishing some of the same goals I have set for myself. But the older I get, the more I realize that everyone has their own timelines. We are all, wonderfully, unique. I will experience my milestones at my own right time.

Alysha Newman

Alysha Newman

Olympic Athlete, Pole Vault
Alysha Newman is an Olympian, a World Championships finalist and a Commonwealth Games Gold medalist in the women’s pole vault. She’s the Canadian record holder for the event and is targeting a podium performance at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Alysha was born and raised in London, Ontario where she was a competitive gymnast before a back injury forced her out of that sport and into track & field. This pivot has helped her learn to overcome adversity in the most positive way. Good nutrition and attention to overall health and wellness are key to helping Alysha perform at her best while remaining a well balanced young woman. Outside of sport, Alysha enjoys music and fashion and sharing her passion for life on social media. She makes time to visit with school children to talk about the importance of living a balanced lifestyle and learning through failure and adversity. Alysha is a graduate from the University of Miami and now lives and trains in Toronto.